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  • I can not go enter the personal page
    • Try using a different browser to log on to your personal page. If the problem persists, try again after some time. Do not forget to check the correct login and password.

  • I can not fill out a form, the data is not saved.
    • To complete the questionnaire, I recommend using browsers Google Chrome / Mozilla Firefox / Opera.
      Save it periodically. This is important because data profiles can not be maintained in the case of Internet access disruption. If these tips haven’t helped to fill in application form, write in the "Contact Us" or report on the situation in your area coordinator.

  • How to change your account information (e.g., change your billing information)?
    • You have to go to the folder «Profile» in your account and change the necessary data.

Work in online system

  • How to attach artifacts to the questionnaire?
    • In order to attach the artifact to the application form (photos, audio, archive), you need to click at the end of Application Form on the «Download Image / Document»,then choose to download the necessary files and click «Upload». Files must be loaded one by one.

  • Why I don’t see visits in the «Jobs»
    • It is possible that all available checks in your area are already assigned to other Mystery Shoppers. Be sure to check whether you correctly specified in your profile location in which you reside.

  • How to cancel the job?
    • To cancel the job, you need to enter your personal page to the tab «Assigned». Click on Apply or “Is not confirmed”, in a line of visit that you want to cancel. After click you will see a pop-up window with a text entry field in which you must specify the reason for the refusal, and then click "Unsubscribe from the visit".

  • How do I know who is the coordinator in my area?
    • To find out who is the coordinator in your region, you have to click on your page on the Contacts tab, after that a file with the contact details of your regional coordinator will automatically load on your computer

  • How do I send the form?
    • You fill out the form, and then check to see whether it is completely filled. In order to do this you need to click on the button «Check». at the bottom of questionnaire form. When checking unfilled or partially filled questions or comments will be shown to you. If the form is filled, after pressing the «Check» button you will see a questionnaire for verification. Click the button «Send questionnaire»at the bottom of the screen. You will be prompted to attach artifacts and then send the questionnaire to validate.


  • When payment for visits is made?
    • Payment is made from 15 to 20 of the next month after the visit. Always. Without delay. All visits of last month are paid. For example, from 15 to 20 June, you will receive payment for all visits made from 1 to 31 May.

  • How do I get paid?
    • Payment can be made with 15 to 20 next month for all visits in the previous month. We offer several ways to pay:
      • transfer funds at Privatbank card (if available and is listed in your profile);
      • transfer PRIVATMANI;
      •transfer webmoney / QIWI (if you specify the number of purse on your profile);
      • completion a mobile phone (if you have a small amount and you agree to receive payment on the phone).

  • How to get a transfer PrivatMani?
    • Read the information on the bank's website: http://privatbank.ua/perevody/sistemi-perevodov/newprivatmoney/ (in left menu “How to receive”).

      WARNING: PRIVATMANI transfer has a 30-day period. Upon expiry of this period transfer is canceled. Get transfers in time!

      When getting a transfer at a bank office, you will be offered to issue a fast card. We recommend you to get it, and you won’t pay any additional costs. Specifying the number in your profile – you can get all further payments directly on the card!

  • Why Privatbank is the main bank for payment?
    • This bank has a 100% coverage of the territory of Ukraine and allows payments in any corner of our country. Many MS are already Privatbank clients, which greatly simplifies receiving the money.

  • I can not get the money / not received the correct amount!
    • • Claims for payments are made within 60 days from the date of payment notification.
      • • Carefully check your online account: payments are made strictly for the calendar month visits. So if you have made a visit on the first day of month – the payment for it will only be from 15th to 20th of next month.
      • If there are still inconsistencies – please let your coordinator know about it, we will look at all the claims and in case of error – fix it.

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