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How it happens

Mystery shopper: how it all begins

Are you interested in the profession of Mystery Shopper? Are you interested in earning extra income in your spare time? Are you tired of low-quality service and want to contribute to the improvement of service quality? Then come to us!

Company"World of Mystery Shoppers" welcomes anyone who interested in improving the quality of service in Ukraine and abroad.

Mystery Shopper Jobs in WMS

You need to make a few simple steps to become a Mystery Shopper:

1. Register on our website , to provide us with all the necessary information about yourself and get access to watch free visits in your city.

2.Complete basic training principles as Mystery Shopper and carefully study the requirements for the implementation of projects you are interested in. All this is takes place in the online system and does not require any extra efforts to you!

3.Choose a visit and examine! During inspection you behave like an ordinary client, so it won’t be difficult to be consulted in a clothing store, find out a bank loan conditions, test-drive a car in the showroom – all these things you do every day for yourself!

4.In online system you have to complete a questionnaire and attach required files from the visit: photos, audio, etc. You can do it at home / at work / from the phone – wherever there is access to the Internet!

5. Get paid: on time and without fraud, in whatever city you are! Our staff will accompany you on each of these steps, advise on projects, help to choose a visit, answer all your  questions! We invite you to become a Mystery Shopper at WMS!

Become a mystery shopper

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Ask a Question
We will answer in an hour

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