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The ABC of Mystery Shopper

To become a mystery shopper

The ABC of Mystery Shopper

After logging in, you will be sent an email with login and password to access the base part of system. Here you will be able to:

  • Study (download) ABC of Mystery Shopper – basic instruction in which you will learn the basic tasks of Mystery Shopper, ideology of work and principles of Mystery Shopping;
  • pass a test on ABC of Mystery Shopper knowledge.

IMPORTANT:If you can not pass this test, the next opportunity will be after 24 hours. Read the instructions more carefully and try again to pass the ABC of Mystery Shopper test on the next day.

The work of Mystery Shopper in Online system WMS.

After registering on our website your personal page is created where all available in your city visits will be shown. Here you can change your profile data, see the vacancies (visits available to the passage) and arranged visits – all you need to work as Mystery Shopper.

The summary of each job will include the name of the project (e.g. clothes, shoes, bank, pharmacy or auto), the exact address of the destination, the date till which you should visit it, the cost of assessment. Date is 2-3 days ahead, so that you can plan your time to visit.

Then you can choose those visits that are more convenient for you (by location or date). At these visits you apply. We consider this request, contact you, specify whether all clear on this visit. If everything is good –job gets to you in a “designated” and you can do the job of Mystery Shopper.

After the visit

After the visit you within 12 hours fill out the online form, attach the necessary files (photo, audio, etc.). Then send the completed form for review. WMS experts will validate it (verification the questionnaire with the files). If we have any questions about this visit you can be contacted by one of our employees. If the visit is made by the scenario, the questionnaire is well filled and qualitative artifacts are attached to it, you can expect to be paid from 15 to 20 of the next month after the visit.

Become a secret shopper

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