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Consulting in a service sector


Consulting from MTP is an information support for a business in service quality management matters.

Consulting is valued for a possibility to get a fresh eye on your business and customers. MTP experts give only practical recommendations for development and improvement of the program of customer service quality.


Consulting in a service sector will be useful if:

  • You were not previously involved in development and implementation of customer service standards;
  • You do not know what service level is needed to your customers;
  • You have bad experience in organization of the loyalty program by your own;
  • You cannot find a reason of finance indicators falling: an average purchase amount is decreasing and customer attrition is occurring;
  • Competitors are ahead of you in a number of parameters;
  • You want to make your company customer-focused;
  • You cannot select an effective type of assessment of personnel work.

What are the advantages of consulting?

  1. 1. You will save your time and resources for necessary information search.
  2. 2. Experience of the experts helps to avoid typical mistakes as they know what moments are worth paying attention to during the work.
  3. 3. Through the use of daily immersion in a sector of service management, MTP specialists know new techniques and trends of customer experience management.
  4. 4. MTP works with reliable empirical data received while marketing research.


MTP provides an information support in the following areas:

  • Service standards development. Due to development and implementation of the standards there is increasing of quality of service and staff efficiency, profit is growing owing to satisfied customers, the brand becomes more recognizable.

  • Loyalty program development. Unreasonable implementation of loyalty program as a modern trend leads to the expenses of a company but not to any benefit. MTP helps to figure out if loyalty program is necessary for your customers at the current stage of company development and what should be the conditions of their retention.

  • Figuring out a reason of customer outflow. Customers may leave due to the number of reasons: high prices, unsatisfactory quality of the goods/services, bad service, active gain customers by competitors using promotional discounts etc. Consulting will help to understand a reason of customer disloyalty at your company and how to eliminate it.

  • Organization of marketing research. MTP specialists will consult you in such issues as how to calculate survey selection, create a feedback form, choose an appropriate way of inquiry and data analysis method.

  • Development of incentive programs for the personnel. Searching for a reason of lack of loyalty and motivation of the personnel. Drop in sales may be connected to low sale orienting of the staff or lack of their motivation to provide proper service to the customers. MTP will help to figure out why the employees have low loyalty and how to develop it.

  • Training in customer service for operating personnel.Training may be aimed at: forming of service attitudes of the personnel, creation of joint understanding of company standards, social skills training.

  • Master classes in individual customer experience management for business owners. The company MTP at its master classes raises an issues concerning customer service, in particular how to create standards that will work, how to control compliance with them, who are your customers and why they come over to competitors.

Honesty is our advantage!

  • MTP guarantees that your know-how and ideas will remain only yours! We will help just to execute them in the right manner.
  • MTP is always honest telling to its customers about all pitfalls of the project.
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