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About Us

World of Mystery Shoppers is a company which conducts service quality control activities and provides consulting services regarding customer experience management issues.

The company World of Mystery Shoppers has started its activities in 2011 providing the service “Mystery Shopping”. Currently MTP provides the services in the following areas:

  • Quality service control using mystery shopper or other methods;
  • Customer satisfaction index and net promoter score measuring;
  • POS audit;
  • Consulting for small and medium business;
  • Service standards development.

World of Mystery Shoppers includes:

Covering in 6 countries

Over 5 000 completed projects

Over 200 customers

Experience in 45 business areas

Over 82 000 mystery shoppers

Over 4 000 inspections per month



Sergey Chaplits

Chief Executive


2017 has become a new stage of development for the company Mir Taynykh Pokupateley.

We have changed our approach to service quality improvement and now suggest our customers to get through all the stages of service quality increase: from current level audit till development and implementation of service quality control system.

We take care to ensure that our services will be the most favorable and effective for a customer and will meet all his needs.

Customer loyalty level and their opinion of the quality of received services are very important for us. In close relation to our customers we work on ourselves and try to exceed their expectations.

I am happy to welcome you among our Customers!




The mission of MTP involves providing of reliable information about service quality, customer expectations and improvement of company business process for customer loyalty increasing.


We are responsible for the undertaken duties on project implementation period and quality of the provided information. We are ready to perceive our mistakes and pay for them, if any.

We think through the customer's problem, in order to perform tasks in hand and not just spend resources for the projects that will not be useful for a customer.

We are honest and fair with our customers and mystery shoppers because we consider these features as a centerpiece of long-term relations and reputation platform. CSI of our customers for 2016 equals 8.7 points of 10.

We appreciate an idea of service quality increase that is why we refuse those customers whose task is to fine or dismiss the staff with no intent to improve the service.

We are growing along with our customers, resolving non-routine tasks and creating new services.

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