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About Us

Who We Are?

«World of Mystery Shoppers» – the company with 6 years experience in implementation of projects’ quality improvement of customer service for major international and Ukrainian companies. The main service of the company is Mystery Shopping. Since 2010, the WMS shows rapid dynamics of development, increasing the number of ratings from 300 to 2500 per month only by the method of Mystery Shopping in Ukraine. At the moment, the WMS produces researches in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia and Moldova. The number of employees in the WMS is 20 full-time and 15 remote professionals and it always growing.


Long-term cooperation with world’s leaders in the retail field allows WMS to accumulate vast experience, which is the foundation of any project. We will help you to assess and train your staff, timely detect and exceed the expectations of your real customers, making them committed to your company.

Our own software allows to transfer information and analytics without loss and in the shortest possible time from more than 56,000 Mystery Shoppers, making surveys and market researches related to quality of customer service in shops, banks, etc., as well as introduce mystery applicants for testing personnel.

We know exactly that "Customer service —it is not the department within the company. This is the company."

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